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Nothing describes us better than our logo

Logo Ecomuseo Vettabbia Fontanili EVF APS

The meaning of the logo

Ecomuseo della Vettabbia e dei Fontanili changed their logo

Our new logo, created in collaboration with a graphic design studio after sharing our mission, tells everything about us. It perfectly aligns with the strategic plan for the southeast zone of the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Two Circles

cerchi_particolare_simbolo EVF

The two circles symbolize the Vettabbia and the Fontanili (Resurgences)but at the same time represent the main roads, Via Emilia (SS9) and SP ex SS 415 Paullese.

The circles enclose the territory to give a signal to all that we must protect it, but they are not closed, to mean that our territory is open and must remain open to all, accessible and rich in history, with places to be preserved and revalued, but above all a territory that we all must learn to love.

Green Leaves

Le due foglie nel logo di Ecomuseo della Vettabbia e dei Fontanili

At the top right, two green leaves symbolize fertility and hope. Universally, green leaves represent growth, rebirth, prosperity, positive thinking, approval, satisfaction, and the achievement of wishes. They stand for the connection between humans and natural, clean energy.

Acronym EVF

la lettera E del logo di Ecomuseo della Vettabbia e dei Fontanili

“E” stands for Ecomuseo, representing a lush environment with flora and fauna. It highlights the natural beauty and the opportunity for outdoor activities in the region.



  La Lettera V del logo di Ecomuseo della Vettabbia e dei Fontanili“V” stands for Vettabbia, representing the historical sitesof the area, as abbeys, castles, and farms. It emphasizes the importance of conservation and mindful use to preserve the area’s value.



La Lettera F del logo di Ecomuseo della Vettabbia e dei Fontanili

  “F” stands for Fontanili, representing the waters, rivers, and aquifers of southern Milan. It signifies the region’s natural beauty, ideal for recreational activities and relaxation.

The Butterfly

EVF also stands for “And Then Came the Butterfly,” symbolizing the concept of cause and effect. The butterfly effect illustrates how small changes can lead to significant impacts. The butterfly represents happiness, which can come to you if you cultivate the right environment.
We chose an ochre yellow butterfly for its symbolism of brightness, energy, and positive transformation. Different cultures see it as a symbol of hope, love, and passion. For us, it reflects our enthusiasm and our renewed desire to act.
We, in EVF,  love southern Milan, its flowers, paths, and butterflies. We invite you to join us in cherishing and preserving this region with your ideas, skills, and passions.

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